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Calgary Shellac Nails

Are you tired of chipping and cracking nail polish? Sick of reapplying color every day or two? You need to come in to our location and try the new, revolutionary product from Creative Nail Design– Shellac Nail Polish!

Shellac has only been on the market for a couple of years, but it has already become one of the most popular products we stock (many of the most fashionable women in Calgary have already started using it), and it's easy to understand why. It looks great, it doesn't need to dry, and it LASTS.

Shellac brushes on just like regular nail polish, but then is cured and hardened by a few moments under a UV lamp. Shellac polish is available in a wide range of fashion-forward colors, and the best part? It lasts for weeks, chip-free! In fact, you only need to change it once your new nail growth begins to show, which for most people takes about two weeks. Most of our clients in Calgary choose to book their touch up appointment while the Shellac is being applied, but you can choose to wait until you feel like the touch up is necessary.

Unfortunately, Shellac is slightly more expensive than a traditional manicure. However, because it is so durable and lasts for so long, you can have perfect nails for weeks without needing to return to the salon, so you will save money and time in the long run. There is also no odor while applying Shellac, and it causes absolutely no damage to your nails.

So, say goodbye to chipping, peeling nail polish! Forget about worrying about your nails – you can feel free to garden, fish for your keys in your purse, type, or wash dishes without stressing that you'll ruin your new manicure. You can relax and feel sure that your Shellac manicure will look just as fabulous and fresh on day 14 as it did when you walked out of the salon!